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Practical information

Information about rental costs, reservations, payment, extra costs, deposit, insurance, cancellation, renting terms, pets, sailing experience, renting times, what to bring, overnight stays and parking can be found on this page.

Rental prices

The prices can be found in the booking section on the ship pages. Select the desired start and end date and the price will be shown on the right.


You can book a boat through the online reservation form. You can also email of call us. When we receive your request and the requested boat is still available, the confirmation will be sent by email.


After we receive the renting contract, you have 14 days to pay the first half of the rent. The payment information can be found on the contract. When this payment has been received, the agreement is binding and you accept the renting terms. The second half of the rent must be paid at the latest 14 days before the start of the renting period. If you rent a boat at a very short notice, you can transfer the entire rent at once or pay by card at our marina.

Extra costs

Extra costs are: marina, bridge, sluice and port fees and costs for fuel and other consumables. The boat must be returned (broom) clean. The charged cleaning costs are for the general cleaning.

Safety deposit

For Polyvalks and 16m2 the deposit is €250,-. For the Compromis 720, the Friendship 22, Victoire 22 and the Oudhuijzer 600 the deposit is €350,-. For all other boats, the deposit is is €450,-.


The boats are all-risk insured. In case of damage, there is a deductible equal to the safety deposit.


We can decide to cancel if payment is not received on time or completely. Cancelling is possible if you do not wish to rent a reserved boat. The terms for cancellation can be found in the renting terms. The weather conditions are not considered a valid reason for cancellation.

Renting terms

Your rights and duties as a renter are outlined in our renting conditions. During the Sneekweek there are additional renting conditions. The renting conditions apply to all of our renting agreements. A short summary can be found below:

  • We make sure your boat is delivered in good condition, with complete inventory and safety gear at the location and time agreed on in the renting agreement.
  • When renting a boat, the renter accepts the responsibility to return the boat in the same state as it was received in. This means that the boat must be returned clean. If this is not the case, you will be charged cleaning costs.
  • Damage from sailing irresponsibly will be charged to the renter. You must notify us of any damage, to make sure that the next renter can have a carefree holiday as well. In doubt, we may withhold the safety deposit.
  • You cannot bring pets on board without permission. We do not allow pets on the cabin yachts.
  • The rental company cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost personal belongings.
  • Our rental agreements include renting the (external) engine.


Because of possible allergies of future guests, pets are not allowed on our cabin yachts. Pets are allowed on open boats.

Sailing experience

It is not necessary to have a sailing license to rent our ships. However, you must be able to sail and handle the (external) engine. If this is not the case, you must notify us in advance. We can find a suitable solution. Possible solutions might be to rent a skiff as they do not require any experience or to arrange a sailing instructor. Good seamanship is very important to us. Therefore, we defined ten golden rules. We expect our renters to follow these rules.

Renting times

In the high season, the boats are rented for at least one week. The specific times can be found below.


departure: Friday between 16:00 and 19:00
return: Friday before 11:00

departure: Monday after 10:00

return: Sunday before 17:00



departure: Friday between 16:00 and 19:00
return: Sunday before 17:00 uur



departure: Monday after 10:00
return: Friday before 11:00


The inventory is listed on the website for each ship. You have to bring sleeping bags, towels, pillows and blankets yourself. For the open boats, kitchen inventory is also not included.

Overnight stay

You do not have to return to our marina at night. You can moor at one of the many beautiful docks or marinas in the Frisian lake region.


You can park at our private, closed off parking lot at no cost.