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Luxurious and carefree sailing in Friesland

Yacht, sailboat and motorboat rental

Welcome to yacht charter L. van der Pol. We have been renting out sailing yachts and motorboats for your wonderful sailing holidays since 1979. Quality and fun are our top priority! Our well-maintained fleet consists of well-known brands such as Bavaria, Dufour, Dehler, Balt, Friendship, Sportina, Compromis, Victoire and the Geuzen/Breehornvalk. Our ships guarantee a wonderful day, week or weekend on the water. In 2017, we added the Sea Angler cabin skiff to our fleet. This is a fantastic motorboat for a multi-day sailing trip. In 2018, we are adding the similar Akkrumer vlet 760.

Luxurious sailing yacht rental in Friesland

All of our ships are furnished completely and luxuriously. Even our smallest yacht has a complete inventory that even includes dishwashing soap and a safety lighter. This also means that there are no extra costs for e.g. life jackets or charts. The only cost not included is fuel, all else is provided. We therefore like to say that a sleeping bag and food are all you really need to bring.

A professional team

After almost 40 years of renting out boats, it is safe to say that we have all of the necessary knowledge on board. In case anything should happen during your vacation, a team of professionals will help you get back on the water as soon as possible. We would like to introduce ourselves to you!

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Our weekend of sailing with the boys was a great success and I think we have a natural among us
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A lovely week away by boat with my friends

Facilities at our marina

All of our ships are rented at our marina in the center of the unique Frisian lake region. Our location (watersportboulevard ‘t Ges) is only 10 minutes away from the Sneekermeer and the center of Sneek, without any bridges or sluices in between. In only three hours you can be on the IJsselmeer. With some of our boats it is also possible to sail the Wadden Sea, allowing you to sail as far as Terschelling or Amsterdam. Our marina has a parking lot and good sanitary facilities (showers and toilets). We also have a small camping ground with a seating area and fire pit, in case you want to stay a night in the marina.

Sailing is green

Green is more fashionable than ever, and sailing might just be the eco-friendliest holiday there is. Sailing is essentially wind energy and when you do need to use the engine, it is good to know that all engines in our fleet conform to the most recent emission regulations.

And... Sailing is a sport!

Why you should choose us:

  • Our fleet is in excellent condition

    Our fleet is in excellent condition

  • Personal contact with the Polboten team

    Personal contact with the Polboten team

  • Rental from the heart of the Frisian lake region

    Rental from the heart of the Frisian lake region

  • All of our boats are furnished completely and luxuriously

    All of our boats are furnished completely and luxuriously

  • You do not need a sailing license.

    You do not need a sailing license.

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An impression of the atmosphere on the water and in our marina

Polboten, sailing since the seventies!
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The early bird discount is back!

While the rain is pouring down and the leaves are falling from the trees, perhaps a sunny sailing holiday is not the first thing on your mind. But if it does happen to be on your mind, we give our guests who book before 1 februari 2019 7% discount on the entire rental price!

Our team is always ready to help!