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Sailing courses

Boat Rental L. van der Pol offers sailing and motorboat courses in cooperation with Vaarschool Noord Nederland. If you have little or no experience with sailing on a yacht or a motorboat, we offer you the opportunity to book a sailing course under the guidance of a professional sailing instructor. You can choose from a refresher course, a 2 hour course or an extensive course.

If you have booked lessons, an experienced skipper form Vaarschool Noord Nederland will come on the day you arrive for your holiday (in consultation) to give you instructions about your rented ship. Then you will sail together for a bit, where you will receive practical tips on, among other things, the construction and departure in harbors and the rules on the water.

The lessons are meant to provide you with a safe and familiar feeling during your holiday. Attending lessons is certainly not compulsory, but they can ensure that your vacation is more relaxed. Do you have any experience? A refresher course is also possible so that you can practice all the tricks of sailing under the guidance of a skipper.

We have the following options that you can book with your rental ship:

• Refresher course (1 hour): € 65. Together with the skipper you sail a bit and learn to know the ship well.

• Sailing lessons (2 hours): € 120. Together with the skipper you sail a bit and learn the rules on the water, mooring, sailing away, etc.

• Extended sailing lesson (3 hours): € 170. In peace and quiet the skipper will teach you the regulations on the water, mooring in harbors, turning and stopping.

If you have any questions about the sailing lessons and you are curious to see which suits your wishes best, please feel free to contact us.